Time to Confirm Merrick Garland?

Poor old Merrick Garland, and President Obama, and the Democratic Party for that matter. We are now almost at the 150 day mark since Obama pushed the button and nominated Garland to replace the late Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. Despite clear enshrinement in the constitution that the ‘President nominates’ and the ‘Senate confirms,’ Republicans have stood firm by blocking, not confirming.

Senate Republican figures are on a tirade about how once Trump becomes President (!), he will nominate an ultra-conservative stalwart to the highest court in the land. There is, however, one problem with this idea. Will Trump actually ever reach the White House? The most substantial convention bounce was awarded to Clinton after a far more united affair. Polls have consistently shown over the past weeks that there will be a female President in the form of Clinton.

Once Clinton swears the oaths of office, she will climb up to the podium and proclaim a new Supreme Court Justice far more liberal than the moderate Garland. One illustration of Garland’s ideological leanings is his disapproval from Bernie Sanders and his heavy weight of supporters. On the opposite side of the spectrum, back in 2010, Senate Republicans urged Obama to nominate Garland as the “consensus nominee,” yet Obama gave Elena Kagan the post. Despite Garland’s approval from Republicans in 2010, 2016 is certainly a different story.

With Trump’s endless bloopers and blunders, surely it is time for Republicans to give in. If they were happy in 2010, why not 2016? I can say one thing, they certainly won’t be happy in 2017 once Clinton fills the vacancy.

Merrick Garland


2 thoughts on “Time to Confirm Merrick Garland?

  1. If I was Judge Garland, and Mrs. Clinton got elected, I would withdraw from consideration because she didn’t nominate me. Congress should have already acted if they wanted a qualified moderate. After the election is too late.


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