Silly Season

We are now in the height of the Westminster silly season where political feeds erupt with meaningless speculation and gossip so I thought I’d join in the barrage too!

The other day, Jeremy Corbyn joined with the normal people of Britain and went on a train to find no seats available. Therefore, he took the drastic action of sitting down on the floor. This hardship was then filmed by a Corbyn campaigner and broadcast to the world. Isn’t it fantastic to see a common sense leader of a political party standing, or should that be sitting, with the rest of society? I would like to, however, look at the words ‘common sense.’ If the Labour Party had a leader oozing with common sense, he would book in advance and get a reserved seat!

Far too often, depictions of politicians interacting with everyday people turn out to be PR disasters. Corbyn told us that his election would signal the end of political advisors and spin doctors constructing his every move. However, publishing Corbyn’s train antics is exactly the spin he vowed to avoid. Corbyn would have known too well that the newspapers are crying out for every last political snippet during the parliamentary recess and that they would prey on every detail of the video.

Corbyn’s failure contrasts well with Theresa May’s latest holiday snaps of her and her husband hiking in the Swiss Alps – a photograph taken to show the Prime Minister’s adventurous qualities. One word of advice to Corbyn: if you are going to invent some political spin, do it properly – especially when us commentators have nothing else to rant about!

(Updated 23rd August – Virgin Trains has since released press release disputing Jeremy Corbyn’s characterisation of a ‘ram-packed’ saying there were seats available. They suggest that in future Corbyn pre books to ensure a seat! See full press release)


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