Donald Trump: Naked Statues and Urinals

This week, we have seen the naked statue of Donald Trump appear in New York; while in Dublin, a picture of Donald Trump has been emblazoned on a urinal. Do these installations help or hinder Trump’s campaign?

Racist, homophobic and sexist jibes have characterised Trump’s campaign since its inception. At one point, every small insult somehow seemed to elevate Trump’s status but the American people are starting to see sense. This year, the Republican Party haven’t risen from the ashes with a post-convention bounce – rather the opposite. Ever since Trump’s remarks over the Khan family, Clinton’s poll numbers have flourished.

At one point, Trump’s prattle over the complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States bolstered him. The media surrounded Trump and discussed what is was that made America great, or not so great. If we had the statue and urinals then, it would have been fantastic for Trump – more media; more success.

Now, it is a different story. Everyone knows Trump. There is no need for media domination. Instead, every controversial issue plasters a big red mark next to Trump’s name on the ballot paper. These installations simply remind Americans of these red marks more and more. Thankfully, each controversy nowadays prompts Americans to realise that a cross next to his name on the ballot is a vote for racism, homophobia and sexism.


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